I am planning on my first FtM haircut, but I have thin hair?

As stated, I m planning to get my first female-to-male haircut since coming out as transgender. I consulted my mother for advice on what haircut would best fit me. The problem is, I have thin hair and all of my favorite ideas supposedly wouldn t work or come out the way I want them to. My mother believes my hair will fall flat and feathery, unlike the thick, fluffy faux hawks I ve considered. I really want a faux hawk-like style with short, near shaved sides. I ll link some of my favorites for reference. What should I do? Do you have any cut suggestions or experience/advice to share?

I have a rounded face and slightly chubby cheeks. I d like something that would kind of counteract the roundness of my face. I have semi-wavy hair that fluffs out at the ends and easily frizzes. It s about shoulder length at the moment. Keep in mind, I d like it to be something with low maintenence; something I could just brush, maybe add a ltitle gel/mousse, run my hands through and be done.

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