I can’t write anymore :(?

Ok so when I was like 10 or 11 I could write really well and come up with ideas so fast that I couldn’t quite think of which idea to choose. I would write about 80 pages of chapters and long chapters too. Anything come to mind. It’s going on paper. But now that I’ve turned 12 to 13 all of that’s changed and I have no idea how. I can’t even write the first chapter, yeah I still come up with ideas. But it’s like I don’t know how to write them anymore. I can’t even think about what I want the characters to say. And writing is my thing. Well I guess it WAS my thing. But I really want that hobby back. I could write so good that it should have been a book but now I can’t even right the first chapter?!! I end up throwing away tons of papers and my notebooks used to be full with stories. But now my notebooks are all empty. Please someone help me get what I used to be good at back into my life please!!!!

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