I don t really know the girl but I love her personality and she is just amazing but she has a boyfriend. :( Should I give her this poem?

Have you ever
had that feeling
when someone special
passes by

That kind of thrill
that s so unreal
you can t control
although you ve tried

Pulse is bout a hundred
and you feel you re getting weak
the room is getting warmer
and your lips can barely speak

This is how
I feel every time
I look at you

But I hardly know
what you re about
or anything you do

I wanna know your struggles
wanna know what makes you mad
wanna get to see your good side
wanna see you when you re bad

Wanna know
the things you love
so I can smile
when they re around

So I can think of you
and all you do
the way you look
the way you sound

And then I ll run
to Blockbuster
and rent your favoriite flick

Or test
your favorite ice cream
even if it s just a lick

Then despire the difficulties
I ll set the VCR
to record your favorite sitcom
and watch your favorite stars

Wanna know
your favorite song
so I can put it on repeat
cling to every word
and never miss a beat

I d like to
know your favorite team
so I can cheer all through the game

Though I barely know
a single thing
or any player s name

I d love for you to teach me
for you to tell me what you like
I wanna know the real you
to make these feelings rignt

Cause I feel like we re
worlds apart,
a distance far too far

I wanna know your past
and all that you ve been through

But above it all
I wanna know
you wanna know me too

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