I pooped on my teacher today!!!! Scared of my Concequences?

Everything was going great in school and we were learning about social studies but everything was fine until I had to go to the restroom so bad. I litterally couldn’t hold much longer so I asked my teacher can I go to the restroom and she was like NO and I was like but I have to go bad!!! And she was SO!! Just hold it and by the way the principle and hall monitor say that way too many kids go to get water or go to the restroom way too much like every time. And I was like LET ME GO TO THE RESTROOM NOW *****!! And she was like Ok you have detention 2 hour after school And I was like THATS IT!!!!! ILL CRAP ON YOU INSTEAD!!!! so I got out of my seat quickly, pulled my pants down enough to show my whole @ss.. My teacher was like you sit down right now or I’m calling your parents!!!! And then I just ran toward her quickly then I just pooped right on my teachers lap.Actually it was more like diarrhea not turds. Everyone was laughing really hardBut as soon as I sh!t all over my teacher she got hella pissed and was all like OH MY GOD!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY POOPED ON ME!!! THATS SO FREAKING DISGUSTING!!! I THINK YOU GOT SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES!!! GO TO THE PRINCIPLES OFFICE NOW!!!YOUR SO EXPELLED!!! And yet everyone is still cracking up XD.. So turns out I did get expelled and my parents Grounded me for 5 months but my question was will this lead me into going to prison because I’m scared to go and I’m only in 7th grade 🙁 I don’t wanna end up in jail.. Please help me

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