I think my gbf (guy best friend) likes/wants me?

Here’s the thing. I have a bf (boyfriend). Him and I are in a great and flourishing relationship. Then, there’s Justin. Justin is my gbf. I’ve known him since 3rd grade and my bf has only known him since 6th grade. All three of us are in high school. Justin is a great friend. Trust me. He makes me laugh and feel good about myself. Justin is also friends with my bf, so everything’s cool. Justin is like the relationship counselor of me and my bf’s relationship. Whenever we have a problem, we talk to Justin. Lately, Justin has been flirting with me and making “advances” along with “gestures” towards me. Every morning when we see each other, he hugs me really right. Nothing unusual there. But now, he’s been acting like a “third wheel” of my bf’s and U relationship. He keeps intervening and interfering. On the bus, Justin keeps waist hugging me and placing his head on my shoulder. Or he presses his face against mines. Just earlier today he put his hand on my left tit when he put his around me. He did it without trying to make me notice but I did anyways. One time he tried to push my head down and kept saying “suck it” in a playful manner. Then I had to lean my head down to see something in the bus and Justin was alike “yeah girl get down there.” My bf doesn’t ride the same bus as me and Justin so he doesn’t see this. Does Justin want me? If so, what do I do? And trust me, I’m not assuming this. I’ve talked to my bf about it.

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