I think my older brother is gay?

I am 22 male I have 4 older brothers 3 lives with there family and 1 is staying with me for the time being. Ok let me tell you it started last night. I woke up around 3am I smelt something nasty which was alcohol which I don’t drink and won’t let in my house so then I heard someone laughing and saying shh. As I creeped out of the room I noticed the noises were coming from my the hall way I sat on my bed listening nose covered. Some guy tripped into my room as the door hits open. This guy was with my brother so I said to my brother who is he and you both drunk. And he said he is a work collegue so I said why didn’t you call a taxi for him to go home he said I couldn’t leave him there ( shouting at drunks don’t work because they don’t listen) so I told my brother your friend can not stay here and he said he doesn’t know his address so that pissed me off, I grabbed his friend wearing only boxers because he shat himself-drunks, I toss him out of the house locked the door and held the key, btw this guy was gay he talked, looked and even said he was gay no offense but I don’t like homosexuals if they want to be it that’s fine as long as I am not around, my brother sat on couch I said to him why you drunk I gave him a lecture because we don’t have a dad and my mum is sick so I feel like as the youngest I have to something. His drunken friend was still outside next to the door so I noticed neighbours looking so I bought him back in and made them 2 sit there until sunset, while we were there I said to my brother are your gay and he said why do you always say stuff like that blah blah then he started talking rubbish- drunks, so I said to my brother if I find out you are gay he can pack and get out of my life. Because I was raised to be a man a straight man so was all my brothers idk,in the end I kicked them both out in the morning and I took 50 quid from my brothers wallet for messing up my sleep. So has anyone had this kind of problem before?

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