I’m being abused by my older brother. what do i do?

Okay my names Ryan,13,Blonde kinda short. How ever my dilk head brother is 16 very muscular blonde and quite tall. He abuses me every time he gets the chance these are some of the things he has done and is doing , He randomly comes to my room and punches me up and kicks me up gets me in headlocks he spits in my drink and tells me to drink it all he takes my phone and messages my crush chatting bullsh@t. The other day me my sister,19 and my idiot bro were eating (no dad) Mum busy at work. When we finished eating he told me to wash his plate and i asked why and he dragged me and pinned me on the wall my sister calmed him down but he still punched me in my ribs and stomach and called me a homo. On my way to school i have to walk with him and he takes me homework i spend so long on and rips it up or throws it over the bridge when were going he says lets take shortcuts i try to refuse but there is no point hell get me at home so i follow him and on the way he kicks my legs so i drop and pushes me on the road. Its so bad and night he comes into my room at like 3am drags me out of bed he then forces me to suck him of then he does it with me and acts like nothing happened the next day. My anal is really hurting now and my throat still feels clogged up. He says if i tell anyone hell snitch and kill me. When were at home he always whispers in my ear threatening me saying (I’ll kill you one day gay ****). I cant do anything but take it. When were home completely alone my heart beats so fast i’m so scared he normally humps me on the coach beats me up gives me a nose bleed and pretends to help me but makes it worst. Hes even thrown me down the stairs stuck my head down the toilet I don’t know what to do because i don’t want him to kill me. PLEASE HELP.

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