I’m having the WORST SUMMER EVER?

Okay, so my house is under renovations so there is no privacy or anything to do in my house except for things like computer and tv. ALL my friends are out of town. I can’t go anywhere for vacation because we have to be home for renovations. We have a pool membership but it’s rained almost all summer, and when it doesn’t, I go to the pool and end up sitting alone because of my current lack of friends. I’m not signed up for any clubs or camps and it’s too late to. I’m tired of sitting in my room, on my computer, doing nothing. I have a piano and guitar but I can’t learn because my parents won’t sign me up for lessons and online lessons don’t explain things well enough, and the ones that do make you pay. Worse enough everyone in my family is constantly yelling and complaining. Nobody wants to talk to me, they’re all to busy. This is a terrible summer and I just want school back in. What do I do??

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