I’m looking for a brain game I used to have on my kindle fire a few years ago. I can’t remember the name of the game, and need your help.?

I can’t remember the name of the game, so I’m hoping someone out there might know it based on my description. This is a two player game, I do not remember if the other player was a computer or another person (though I think you got to choose either) The game has a game board kinda like a scrabble game with set spaces and rewards on some of those spaces, also like Scrabble you draw tiles. The tiles are white circular tiles that have a simple colored picture on them, such as a green triangle, or star. I do not remember all of the shapes and color’s but I believe there were 9 colors as well as 9 shapes. The game played out in straight lines, each person taking a turn placing a tile in the line. The line had to be either all the same shape but in different colors (you could not have triangles in one line even if one was pink and one was black) or all one color with the shapes different (you could not have two red star shapes in the same line). You earned points by landing on a reward space as well as by placing the last tile in the line. If your opponent placed the third green shape they got points, but if you placed the fourth free shape you got more points. Scoring the most points by completing the line of all the shapes or all the colors.
Thank you in advance to anyone who knows the game I’m talking about and can tell me the name, I really enjoyed this game and have missed playing it.

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