4 Innovative Science Project Ideas For 2017

4 Innovative Science Project Ideas For 2017

Although it’s not all just about science, it is also mechanics and how things work. Something unique, and interesting, which potentially could be useful. Well, that is what many believe when it comes to innovative ideas and science projects to try this year. Some of the projects can be done at home, and some require a few more resources, however, all have proven to be both interesting and fun.

1. The Double Up Torch For A Home Science Experiment

This science project is capable of removing one of the biggest problems that can be found when it comes to traditional torches. This is namely the one beam principle. What we mean is, shining the torch in front of you, does not allow you to see where you are walking, which many find ominous.

However, why not connect the second bulb, underneath the torch, with the function of lighting the way by your feet so you can see where you are walking!

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