Insurance as soon as you get your license?

Okay here is the scenario, I bet my mom $50 that you don’t have to get insurance as a minor as soon as you get your license if you don’t drive at all. She asked the insurance agency and they said I have to have insurance when I get my license, but if I don’t drive at all? What would be the point? Am I required to get Insurance as soon as I have my License? I got it today, asked some people the same thing at the DMV, they said I do. I can’t accept that though, why would I need insurance to not even drive? My Moms insurance agency is state farm if that helps with anything.

Had to re-ask this because people kept saying, “Oh you will drive eventually and its the law to be insured.” For the last time I said, I WILL NOT BE DRIVING AT ALL, EVEN IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY!

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