Is it bad what I did?

So basically I was on Tinder and I was having a conversation with a girl who was sick with a life threatening illness. You couldn’t really tell from the pictures but after awhile it dawned on me that I would not want to jump into any type of relationship with the girl only because I don’t think Im strong enough to help her in her situation. So I made up an excuse saying that I needed to work things out with a therapist for personal self-esteem issues before jumping into anything. She seemed pretty upset at first because she thought i didn’t like her because of her illness which isn’t true. I just don’t know If i am strong enough to support her through any of it. Me and this girl only had about a 2 hour conversation and that’s it so I didn’t get to know her for too long. But I feel really bad and guilty for doing this. I didn’t at all want to hurt her feelings. Should I be upset?

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