Is it possible my cat might be dead?

I havent seen my indoor cat in 4 days now. Ive literally looked eveywhere, in my garage, under my porch, behind applicances and drawers, in cabinets, under the bed and box springs, under the sofa and in closets. My house isnt that big so ive ran out of places to look in. I even walked around outside looking for her, i know i wont be able to find her this quick if she did get lost out there so ive been searching out there everyday. Shes also a very cautious type of cat, literally anything will startle her. Anyway, the other day I noticed an ant crawling up my bathroom walls, ive never had an ant problem before and especially not within the 2 years we’ve lived here. I killed it and just ignored it, however, i saw another ant crawling around just now, its never happened before and im starting to think that my cat might have passed away somewhere in the house or atleast near by and the ants are getting attracted to her decaying body. Can someone please tell me im wrong and im just over reacting. I mean if she did, god forbid, pass wouldnt there be a foul smell through out the house?? I also have another cat, wouldnt she be able to smell it and find where that smell is coming from as well??

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