Is it worth it to hang on?

I started talking to a guy in December and in January we decided to be hook up friends (neither of us wanted a relationship at the time). We quit in February because it seemed like we were getting feelings and I had started talking to someone I was interested in dating. We stopped talking for about a month and a half, when my bf and I broke up my ex hook up and I had started talking again to try and be friends. Well, he’s talking to another girl but told me they’re not anything. We’ve hooked up twice and after each time he acted like it was bad, the first time the girl called and he told me to be quiet. The second time we were both pretty drunk but after he wouldn’t stay. He’s still talking/seeing this girl and makes a point to put it on social media. I do like him deep down but I feel like he’s just toying with me. Before we quit talking he admitted to having feelings, but now I’m not sure.. With him talking to the other girl and talking to me when it’s convenient, it just seems like it’s not worth the effort anymore to even try to be friends.

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