Is my boyfriend cheating or am I overreacting?

Ok so my boyfriend And I have been dating for what it s about to be 5 in September. he works with a company that requires them traveling to others states to paint factories and all that. So we talk and text on the phone a lot. Recently I have discovered that there are two number who he has been texting and talking with a lot. Probably more than with me. And they re constant conversations. As he ll text at 7:34 and they ll reply at 7:37 and so forth. His calls with them are also very long. For example there are some with one particular number that are 160 minutes long some are 90 and he usually only talks that long with me. And it s the same number he texts a lot with. I can never even get a hold of his phone. For anything! Not even for directions. He always says that if we can use my phone we don t need his and even if I want to take a picture of us on his snapchat ( an app) he just says he doesn t even post stuff on there so there s no point on putting a picture of us. So is it obvious that he s cheating? Or am I over reacting?

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