Is our kitten aggressive or just playing?

We got a kitten about a week ago. Shes 8-9 weeks old (I forgot the exact age) and loves to play and be pet. When we pet her sometimes she ll roll on her belly and we ll pet her belly. Sometimes she just enjoys the belly rub, and other times she bites us and grabs us with her claws while rubbing her belly. Now keep in mind, she isn t hurting us. You don t even feel pain when she does it (it tickles more than anything haha). But, I cant tell whether or not she is just not strong enough to hurt us or is being gentle on purpose. If she is being aggressive I want to train against that as soon as possible, especially because I was scratched by a cat as a kid so I m kind of afraid of being scratched when shes an adult.

Also, we *think* she missed out on a lot of socialization at her first owners house because she wasnt sold as quickly as they thought. When she came to our house she didn t seem to know what to do with it and took a couple days to get comfortable enough to leave her carrier and start playing.

I have played with her with my finger before but she always stops before going to attack it. She might be holding herself back.

My parents say shes just playing but I dont want an agressive cat when she grows up, but I dont want her to play less either and I want to be able to play with her. Please help!

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