Is this normal?

My friend is in like daddy and little relationship thing. I don t judge her for it I could care less. What you do with ur life is not my business but like we re still friends. Anyway my Nana is like dying really painfully from breast cancer stage 3 and I really needed someone to talk to and she just told me she couldnt talk because her boyfriend (who just hates me for no reason) told her it was bed time and that she had to go to bed. But like she also told me she doesn t always listen to that either. But like I just thought as a friend wouldn t she listen to me cause of what s going with my nana cause i always listened to her. Is this like a serious normal thing to do? Or would it be cause of my situation needing to talk cause I m really upset. Or is she using it as an excuse cause she just doesn t care?

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