LADIES : help me, the period pain is KILLING ME nothing works anymore?

I’m 23 … virgin
since I had my first period I had unbelievable pain, it was so bad that I had to skip school that day (fever,vomiting, very bad cramps, backpain) and I used to take 2 painkillers per day to control that pain

as I got older the pain got worse, no I take up to 8 painkillers per day, the pain never really goes away it just get so much less(when I take the painkillers) I take them for 4 days of my period (before the pain used to last 2 days) I’m miserable and bloated and in pain

I’m very active I go to the gym 4-5 times per week
I eat healthy no processed food or junk with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

I went to MANY gynecologist with no answers
last month I went to a specialist and I spent a fortune in her clinic with no answer she did an ultrasound,full blood test,minerals test,hormone test EVERYTHING came back normal

what can I do ?I’m losing my mind over this pain

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