Major Signs of Infidelity

Major Signs of Infidelity

Infidelity consists in breaking a promise to remain faithful to a partner. In other words, infidelity means betrayal. It may have many forms, from dirty thoughts to extra-marital affairs. Infidelity has very negative effects on the marriage and can be felt for a long time after affair. Some of the cheaters, spouses who cheats on their partners, believe that human beings are biologically inclined to have relationship outside marriage. However, science considers it a weak argument supposed to justify cheaters’ behavior. The probable signs of infidelity that indicate that your partner cheats on you may be his or her staying at work longer than usual, becoming distant, your sex life has died off, etc. They are numerous, so let’s look closer at the cheaters’ behavior.

1. Infidelity is as Old as Marriage Itself

Infidelity is as Old as Marriage Itself

Marital infidelity is as an old phenomenon as a marriage. History of infidelity begins when people lived in caves. Even then a monogamous lifestyle was considered the most important feature of healthy society but some of the members would have an affair anyway as it was embedded in human consciousness. This appears to be one of the most common human weaknesses. It happens when one of the partners regards him- or herself not happy enough with the spouse and tries to find a little happiness with other person in the hope that it will work but the truth is it doesn’t work at all.

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