Moving to a city/finding a job please help?

Hi I’m an 18 year old girl ! I am about to start working on my GED in a few weeks . I live in a small town and I will be moving to Seattle pretty soon..I work at target and hby the time I move I will probably have about 1500 saved up . Most likely not any more than that. That is only about 1 month worth of rent…I’m not sure where I mainly want/need to live at..I was thinking downtown Seattle. or any places very close to downtown Seattle? If worse comes to worse then all the way in Bellevue. Keep in mind I do not have a car…so I will be riding the bus everywhere!… Was just wondering if anybody knew of some cheap but decent places to rent? And also any jobs? I really do not want to work retail…as in target,Walmart,etc..I was thinking more of office type jobs..or something where I wouldn’t need to have any experience? Please help with ideas / information on apartments and jobs. Thanks !

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