My 5 month old puppy wont listen?

Im at a total lost with my 5 month old german shepard puppy. She is pretty much a good puppy when she wants to be. I am training her to sit, stay, come, lay down, and speak; and she listens but only when I have a treats for her. I praise her for everything she does right too. But when I try to start taking treats away and just praising her by petting or whatever she acts like im not even speaking. She just starts running around my couch and I cant get her to stop. I always play with her and walk her every day but I cant get the energy out of her. Any clue what I can do to get more energy out of her? Or advice on how to get her to listen to me?
One more thing I read other peoples advice on her and some people suggest getting rid of the puppy please don’t comment with that advice. I love my puppy and I know training them takes time all I want is ANY ADVICE THAT CAN HELP! PLEASE!
I have had puppies before and they were boxers but they were easier to train and caught on right away. Any HELPFUL ADVICE will be great. THANKS! 🙂

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