My boyfriend wants to put our relationship on hold?

So I’ve been with my bf for a little over a year. We’re both in our mid-20s but he’s very inexperienced with relationships, which I didn’t think was a huge problem til recently. I’ve been learning that he doesn’t know how to love another person from a relationship standpoint. When we have issues, as we all do, he chooses to turn away from the relationship. And his family actually encourages it. I honestly don’t believe it’s because any of them think I’m bad for him but because he’s at a critical point in his career and they all want him to focus without any distractions. However, when you love someone, walking away shouldn’t be an option, right? Just to put some things into perspective, we disagree but we don’t argue. For the most part, we’ve been supportive of each other, sacrificed for one another and have gotten each other through some tough times within the past year (one a little more than the other but I see his efforts). He’s been my rock and my best friend. Just recently he told me that he wanted to put our relationship on hold until the end of the season (he plays sports for a living so another 3-4 wks) because he wanted to focus on God and his career and he doesn’t want to think about feelings. The concept of putting a relationship on hold isn’t sitting well with me. We haven’t been communicating at all and it’s driving me crazy. But I can’t talk to him about it because 1) I’m trying to respect his wishes and 2) I want him to focus and do well too! Any advice? And when I say relationship problems… our biggest one to date has been attitude. He doesn’t like how I handle situations when I get upset at him. This is how bad it typically gets – he upsets me, I get mad. I need space (which typically means let me know that you care that I’m mad but don’t bother me), we talk about, I get over it. The fact that I “shut down” when I need that space bothers him so much. All of this typically happens in a matter of less than 24 hours btw. Mega problems, right?!

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