My brother cheated on his wife. How can I be more supportive?

I just found out that my older brother had an affair. According to his version of events, the woman he cheated with came on to him, she is much younger than him and (typically) she didn’t mean anything to him. He says that it was just a big mistake and he is very sorry for what he did.

The thing is, I can’t understand how he could do that to his wife. She is beautiful, smart and she treats him so well. They also have two children together and seem to really love each other. I can see how much he has hurt her and I’m completely on her side in all of this.

On the other hand, he has always been there for me whenever I needed anything. Our dad died when we were teenagers and he sacrificed a lot for me. I can also see that he is suffering a lot now as well because he knows how much he hurt his wife and their marriage. So I think that I should be more supportive of him, but I’m not sure how…help!

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