My brother still doesn’t like my boyfriend!?

Well yesterday my boyfriend was at my house and me, my boyfriend, my sister, my brother and my brothers friend and we were all watching a film my sister is only a baby so she was sitting on my knee and my boyfriend had his arm around me and my brother was sitting with his friend and when the film had finished I was speaking to my boyfriend and we kissed and after that I left him watching the tv with my brother and my brothers friend and I took my sister to make her a bottle before my mum and dad came In anyway when I was making my sister a bottle my brother came in and said “I dont think you should be kissing him!” and I just walked away, my brother has never liked my boyfriend ever since we started to go out but he did like him when we were friends, we have been best friends since we were 6 i just dont know why my brother doesnt like him any more? what should I do? please help?

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