My brothers hit my boyfriend?

Hey I’m 14 years old and from the UK. I have three brothers and one sister. My twin brothers are 22, my sister is 18 and my brother is 16. Yesterday after school me and my 17 year old boyfriend went out into town for a little bit. After about an hour and a half, me and my boyfriend began to argue because apparently I’m not spending enough time with him. I spend literally all my free time with him and it’s still not enough. Things started to get physical and he punched me in the eye and pushed me hard on the floor. He just walked away and left me there. After about 10 minutes I called my sister up and she said “hang on… I’m coming to pick you up he’s a bastard”. I waited for my sister to come and pick me up and when she eventually got there, she hugged me and took me back home. I ran upstairs and started to cry in my room and after a little while my twin brothers Kirtis and Tristan came into my room with this really angry look on their faces. Kirtis picked me up and walked around the room for a bit trying to calm me down. After he’d calmed me down a little bit, he sat on my bed and pulled me onto his lap. Tristan was wiping the tears off of my face and he said “Well your boyfriend has made a huge mistake hitting you… we’re here now though so don’t worry it’s ok shh”. My other brother Elliott heard from my sister what was going on and he came bounding into my room and he said “Just wait and see what I’m going to do to that ****… he’s a ******* mess”. Kirtis and Tristan were trying to talk Elliott out of doing anything because they wanted to sort it out themselves. Kirtis and Tristan then went and asked Steph and Elliott to look after me while they went out to sort my boyfriend out. They came back a little bit later and they said “He won’t ever hit anyone again he needed his *** kicked… he can’t just go round hitting girls”. My brother and sister looked really surprised because my brothers are the least violent people you could ever meet. My brothers sat with me until about 10:00pm… at about 11:30pm I woke up crying because I’d had nightmares about what he’d done to me. I went downstairs into the sitting room and told them about the nightmares that I had. My sister hugged me while my brothers kept glaring and kept saying they wanted to break his legs for treating me like this. After my brothers had calmed down a bit, they put on a film and sat me in between them. All five of us sat on the sofa bed and watched the film, ate and drank fizzy drinks. My brother and sister fell asleep on the sofa bed after the film and I curled up in between my brothers and fell asleep. This morning I woke up and I was still next to them and they had their arms around me. My brothers (especially my twin brothers) are furious about what’s happened. I feel so embarrassed for crying like that in front of my brothers and sister. How do I thank them for always being there for me?. Btw our parents are in the US on a business trip and they obviously left Kirtis and Tristan in charge of us. What do I do? and btw I did NOT sleep with my boyfriend. I’m still a virgin.

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