My brothers know that I’m bulimic?

Hey. I’m 15 and I’ve been bulimic for about 3 months. My brothers are twins and are 8 years older than me so they’ve always been protective over me. Well today I was making myself sick in the sink and my brother walked in. He just stared and said “what are you doing?”. I instantly started crying and he picked me up and just held me really tight. He was like “you know we’re gonna have to tell mum…”. I nodded and cried on his shoulder and he just kept on holding me until I calmed down. We went and saw my other brother who was like, “was it those kids that made you feel so miserable that you felt the need to do this?”. I nodded and was near tears again so my brother was like “Hey… there’s no need to be ashamed… everything is gonna be alright you’ll see…”. About 2 hours later me and my brothers went and told my mum about the fact I was bulimic and that I was so miserable. She said “it’s all your fault anyway that you’re being bullied you’re so socially awkward”. My brother (Kirt) said “That’s enough! She’s probably had a hard enough time with those kids and she doesn’t need it from her mum… She’s upset enough”. I went into my room crying and refused to come out until 9:30pm… I went into my brother’s room (my brother Tristan works nights) and I started crying to him and said that I couldn’t sleep and that I can’t cope anymore. He pulled me into his lap and let me cry on him until I was a bit more tired and then I just kind of curled up into a ball and slept for about an hour. When I woke up my head was on my brother’s chest and I was hugging hold of him. My brother was really nice when I woke up and made me hot chocolate and got me food (he won’t leave me on my own). He won’t even let me sleep on my own, he’s even put a mattress and stand in his room because he doesn’t trust my mum. What do I do? How do I get over this and go back to normal? And how do I thank my brothers??. What do I do about my mum?

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