My dad has been mad at me recently because I don’t talk???????

ever since yesterday hes been grumpy or mad.. like yesterday I was getting ready 4 gym and when I was ready he didn’t seem like his usual self. and then today I asked my mom if hes been on any medication daT made him grumpy and she said no. she said he was mad because I’m aways on tHe computer and I never talk.. but I cant help it. I mean if he wants me off tHe computer he should’ve told me to get off of it and about tHe being quiet thing.. idk. ive always been a really quiet person except towards my best friends. but I’m just quiet, that’s just me. idk what to do about it because that’s just who I am and I don’t have anything to say because nothing really happens to me and I’m uninteresting. everyday is just tHe same 4 me. school, chores, shower,, eat, sleep . I have nothing new to say .. but I just don’t think its right 4 my dad to be like this because Idk how to solve this problem because ive always been like this

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