My dad is always mean to my brother?

MY brother is 10 years old and im 13 my dad is always so mean to him calling him stupid or a baby about a year ago when my brother was 9 he accidentally dropped a laptop but its still working my dad has anger problems so he yelled at him and called him carless little idiot my brother just bursted into tears while my mom yelled at my dad so i took my brother upstairs. Today while my parents were grocery shopping my brother came up to me and said that he told me ” I don’t like how dad treats me its like he never wanted me or doesnt like me” so i talked to my brother and gave him advice and told him that when they get home to tell dad that he doesnt like the way hes being treated.

so my parents came home and my brother wanted to go ask him just after my brother said one word my dad yelled at him to go so my brother is now officially afraid of my dad and is pretty postive my dad hates him.

As my brother went upstairs crying I told my dad that he needs to stop because this is going to affect their relation ship he yelled at me and said ” get out of here your not his mom” im just defending my brother.

right now none of us are talking to him my brother thinks my dad hates him and doesnt want him in this family, i just wished my dad would leave and live off on his own i dont know about my mom but shes pissed off too.

I’ve had it with my dad and im done with him. I dont know what to do he yells at me and at my brother i know my dad goes to a therapist but he stopped my parents think i dont know my dad goes to a therapist.

I dont know what to do my mom has talked to my dad millions of times and actually my mom was arguing with my dad yesterday at night about how hes treating my brother.

I hate my dad so much

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