My hair is naturally so ugly?! What can I do about this?

I have always had ugly hair. My dad is white and my mom is Dominican, she has naturally very frizzy and curly hair.. But I would say more on the frizzy side.. My dads hair is normal white people hair. But my mom is not very dark after the combination you can t even tell I am Dominican. But I ve always had hair I could never do anything with while it is natural, my hair looks nice if I straighten it or curl it but I don t want to do that everyday or super often because I want to keep my hair healthy. I barely use heat on my hair, maybe 5 times in the past year, I take a shower and as soon as my hair drys it is very frizzy almost like a rockstar. That s the best way I can describe it like rockstar hair. The hair on the bottom half of my head is extremely wavy and frizzy, while the top half is a completely different softer tecture and is even a little straighter but still wavy, I just don t know what to do, I ve tried using coconut oil to bring the hair together but my hair is pretty thin so even the smallest amount just makes my hair look greasy. -__- I used to think it was the heat but I haven t used heat in so long I just don t understand why it s so ugly lol what products or what have you done about this?

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