My mom loves my little brother way more than me?

HI i’m 15 and my little brother is 9 years old ,every time my brother starts annoying me my mom doesn’t do anything at all because she favors my brother so much over me, or even when he attacks me .the little idiot once punched me on the back of the head and she didn’t do anything at all ,but if i even touch a little hair on his head , she would kill me , like once my brother was really irritating me when i was trying to do my homework but my mom would not say anything to him so after a while i shouted at him so loudly the kid was in tears but then my mother came and beat me with a stick after that i didn’t come down the entire day because i was so annoyed .a long time ago when my parents were out and it was snowing and the snow was really thick ,so it was in the morning and my brother said to me he wanted me to make him a drink but i was so tired because i had just done so many chores so i told him to just get himself a glass of water but then he got angry and started crying so i just ignored him, then later my mom called and told me to put the rubbish in the bin outside , so i went to the garden ( in my slippers and pajamas ) and the snow was about 2 inches deep so after putting the rubbish in the bin i tried to open the door but it was locked and it was him i saw with the keys so i told him to unlock it but he smiled and went inside the living room then through the window i saw him watching TV … was so cold outside i was BANGING !!!!! the window but he wud just ignore me i was crying and crying for 2 HOURS ,…….FOR 2 HOURS HE LEFT ME IN THE SNOW ,in my head i was saying that i was gunna murder this kid … after 2 hours of banging on the window ,my face was covered in tears ,i was faintly just calling my brother then he said ” what do you want ” and i said open the door then he said ok first say sorry so i was so surprised that he locked me outside for not making him a when i came inside i saw he had made a drink himself ,i wud hav totally murdered the kid , but i was just so tired and cold so i slapped the drink out of his hands and went to bed and from upstairs i could hear him crying but i couldn’t care less so i fell asleep and when i parents came back my brother cried towards my mom saying ” mommy , ………he slapped my drink from my hands for no reason ” all while weeping so my mum said to me i was grounded for the week but i tried to explain what he did but she didn’t day later i told her what happened and she said she didn’t now u know…… mother never wants to hear my side of the story if something happened she just tells me she dosn’t care . i am moving straight out when i turn eighteen .i love my mother but i am tired of this unfairness .

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