My older brother caught me having sex with…. one of his friends!?

my brother knew that me and his friend were dating but i don’t think he was ever expecting too see what he did see.
im 16 and my brothers friend is 18.. my brothers 20.
anyway, three days ago i invited my brothers friend my ‘boyfriend’ to my house as everyone was out we were just watching a movie ended up making out and then we started having sex, it was the first ‘proper’ time we had, had sex together we’d tried it before but it hurt and didn’t last anymore then 4 seconds.
we heard a door close and stopped but then heard nothing so carried on doing it then… my older brother walked in on us worst thing is i was on top and completely nude.
he rushed back out the door the shouted ‘im going too count too ten and if he isn’t out of my house ill kill him’ my boyfriend/his good friend rushed out of our house.
me and my brother were so close before it happened and we spoke too each other about everything he thinks that we’d had sex before the time he caught us but we didn’t! ive tried speaking to my brother and the only thing he really had too say too me was ‘ how would you like it if your little sister/brother was naked on top of one of your close friends whilst making as he said ‘noises’.
and i can completely see where he’s coming from, im disgusted in myself for not being careful and letting him walk in on that!
anyway hes speaking too his friend again but not me, me and my boyfriend are still seeing each other and my brother knows he wont be able too stop us from doing so…

he said hes going to tell my parents but they’ll kill me:( and i just want to be close to my brother again i miss talking to him about things and spending time with him!
does anyone know how i can come close to my brother again? and stop him from telling my parents about what happened?…

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