My Parents REFUSE To Let Me Move Back Home?

At 35 years old, I was stressing at a new job in Boston. I hated it. It was in advertising, and I was overworked, underpaid and didn’t like any of my supervisors. Because I freak out easily, I decided to jump ship. My friend from my parent’s city, who we’ll call Ethel, advised me “Why not just move back home with your parents? You said their house is paid for. Just live there for a year and take some time off.” I liked this idea immensely. A year with no work and just me relaxing would help me revamp.

My parents would balk if they found out I quit, so I called them up and made up a sob story about the bosses firing me and my landlord threatening eviction. I cried and cried until my mother, who seemed aggravated, eventually snapped “Fine! Just come home and we’ll see what to do. Stop whining.” Success! I was able to get them to agree.

I arrived by taxi from the airport at my parent’s front porch. My mother was there, but she didn’t look happy. She seemed grouchy, old and tired. “I’ve made up your room, I’ll be right back- I need to get a load of laundry.” When she left, I quickly called Ethel to tell her the great news, and that my parents bought the sob story! I was actually laughing from relief. Ethel told me she would meet me at the bar in a few hours to celebrate. I hung up the phone- only to notice my mother’s angry expression in the door reflection. Before I had a chance to explain, she slammed the front door and locked it. “Noooo!!! NO!!! Mom, please- let me in! Let me in! I’m sorry!” I was crying, hysterical that she was actually doing this. I had no key to get in, and realized she had overheard my conversation. I called Ethel begging to stay with her, but she said she had no room. I now am staying with a friend up north, on their couch- but have no job. My parents emailed me later saying they weren’t going to let me move back in, after hearing what I said. How do I make amends? I really need them now.

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