3 Of The Easiest Bachelors Meals, You Will Encounter

3 Of The Easiest Bachelors Meals, You Will Encounter

Living as a bachelor can be difficult, certainly more so if you work a long job with hours, that simply leave almost no time for relaxing. Often, this leads to disdain when it comes to the thought of cooking extravagant meals for yourself to enjoy. However, there are a few simple recipes, which not only taste good but were stumbled upon by individuals, just like you who are cooking for one.

1. Cooking For One With Salmon Delights

This is a meal, which should be placed near the first page on a bachelor cookbook. The reason behind this is not only is it easy to cook, it is also one of the most affordable, and healthy foods that a bachelor can indulge in, much better than that local takeaway place you frequent.

The meal itself is a juicy lemon-pepper salad, paired with a salad topped up with captivating homemade vinaigrette. All you need for this dish, is olive oil, 1/3 cup of red wine vinegar, a half a teaspoon of rosemary, and pre-bagged salad mix. If your wish is to be fancy, opt for the best looking packaging!

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