5 Of The Most Mysterious Places Around The World

5 Of The Most Mysterious Places Around The World

In our everyday lives we get so caught up in what needs to be done and our own aspirations that we tend to forget that the world is a lot bigger, and stranger than just one individual. Not many people realize that we as humans have only discovered a tiny portion of our world with a large pool of our oceans being untouched.

This is why it should come as no surprise that there are locations and regions, which seem to defy all logic and some, which just appear to be downright absurd. These may be unusual places to visit but they would certainly lead to an interesting experience.

1. Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Colors make up our existence in this world they make us happy and even motivate us. The same applies for various nature locations. This one, however, seems to take the cake when it comes to being colorful.

The reason we say this is the raging lake transforms in the summer to smaller mineral pools most of which, all have different colors kind of like a rainbow. This is certainly a unique place to travel for those looking to see something beautiful and different.

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