Once a cheater always a cheater?

My boyfriend and k have been dating for 4 years… During the first year it was pretty rocky.. We broke up for a week he had sex with another girl.. And another time in that year I believe something like that happened again but k can’t prove it. After that year we realized we wanted to be together and worked on things and created a great relationship with each other. We recently looked at a house we want to buy and we’re ready to take the next step. But, there’s a catch… We recently went to Vegas 6 months ago .. His mom lives there so I stayed with her while he was at a bachelor party for 3 nights and then we stayed there for another week with his mom… Now I had a funny feeling one day he was with the boys he wasn’t answering me and he was in VIP with famous people etc. long story short after we got back from Vegas I saw a girl blocked on his Facebook that I’ve never seen before. He said it was some girl who wouldn’t leave him alone in Vegas .. Nothing to worry about.. So I start thinking about Vegas and that funny feeling I got. So I private message the girl and turns out they had sex in Vegas. He had a one night stand and lied to me all this time .. I don’t know what to do .. I’m devastated and heart broken. He seems to think we can’t work through this and he’s very sorry.

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