Oregon– driving uninsured hit by insured driver, will I get reported to DMV even if not at fault?

I was hit by a person merging into my lane earlier, they told me I was at fault, that I hit them because they were in front of me and I rammed them. The scuffs are on the back of my car and there is a dent on their front left side of their car. I was uninsured (paid my insurance right after, don’t worry I am not going to claim the accident as being insured I know that is insurance fraud.) I am really worried my license will be suspended, will that happen?

Here is a picture showing what happened

His car

My car

I know that not having insurance is dangerous and unacceptable. I have no excuse besides being a college student working and living on my own– I just don’t make enough for all my bills AND food. I put the insurance on a credit card for now and I’ve learned my lesson.
TL;DR: A driver hit me while merging, I do not have insurance and they do, no police report was filed or accident report– damage is less than 1500. Will the insurance company report me being non insured to the DMV?

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