Physics Lab 01 Working With Numbers?

I need to know how to find “g” for Planet X determined from the parameters of the curve fit equation.

You are an astronaut on Planet X. You want to determine the acceleration of gravity on this planet so you go to top of a high cliff and drop a rock over the edge. The dependent variable is the position and the independent variable is the time. The table below is the measured position of a rock as it falls from the top of the cliff. The rock obeys the kinematic equation y = 1/2gt2. Make a plot of the data in LoggerPro and making sure you label the plot properly.

The values I got are
A = 6.550 +/- 0.06925

B = 15.12 +/- 0.6474

C = 2.563 +/- 1.251

What is “g” and how do I calculate it??

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