Please help… don’t know what to do??? Brother problem..?

Hiii… I m a 25 yr old guy who just came to visit his brother in another city…
I didn’t know he was living with a girl… and I am finding it very difficult…
The girl is nice and all but she is of another caste… which I ‘ve no problem with…
But the problem is my parents ‘ve been telling him to get married for the last 5 years… and asked him that they wouldn’t mind if he liked a girl…
But he has said no.
He stays here with her… he s bought a car (tld mom), bought bike( didn’t tell mom), bought a big tv ( didn’t tell mom) , eats well out here at home with her doing the cooking and making his Tiffin etc ( tells mom at 11 pm at night dat he ‘ll be cooking food).
I bought a tv and the first person I told was my brother.
My parents think that he s all alone working late hours and coming home then cooking food.
My mom feels sorry and even she eats light.
For eg if mom makes mutton at home… she will just ‘ve 2 small pieces thinking that her son is not getting to eat good food.. then how can she being a mother.

The girl he is with, he has made a partner of his business and I think they are married.
He has built a diff life out here cutting out his real family..
He doesn’t feel like my brother anymore.
I ist flew in yesterday and my flight bck home is after seven days.. but I wanna leave right now….
I dnt know what I m typing… I m soo confused.
Please help.

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