Post Pregnacy Question for fitness freaks?

Hi there! I have a quick question about post pregnancy body! I m small, 5 feet, roughly 98 pounds not being pregnant and have exercised regularly since I was 6 years old. I ve always been in extremely good shape and am very lean, with a flat stomach and defined abs. Im 8 months right now and have only gained 6 pounds. My bump is quite small. Little one is healthy and growing the way it should. I ve also worked out like a mad woman during the pregnancy cause the whole loose saggy stomach thing is NOT sitting well with me, and never has, especially concerning having sex with my husband. I really don t want to be disgusted by myself, which I know I would be due to having always had a flat, toned ad cut stomach- haha. With my small amount of weight loss and fitness (1-2 hours of cardio and weight training, 5 days a week, and walking for 2 hours the other two days), how long can I expect the stomach thing to last? I m curious if anyone has had anything similar? You can still see my ab definition over the baby lol. Anything anyone can shed some light on, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you 🙂

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