4 Secret Dehydration Signs and Symptoms

4 Secret Dehydration Signs and Symptoms

If you have heard the rule of eight glasses of water per day, you may ask is water really so important for our bodies? The precise amount may differ for every particular person and depend on situation but the fact that our bodies need a lot of water to function optimally is true. Dehydration begins with thirst which is its first indicator. Sometimes people intentionally ignore thirst but in this case they should be aware of dehydration signs and symptoms. So, let’s take a look at some of them so that you could easily determine are you dehydrated or not using a few helpful tips.

1. Thirst


Drinking a lot of water during the day is, at some extent, a habit, a very good habit. If you often or for a very long time lack water feeling thirst, it is a sign that your body needs at least a glass of water. Bring a bottle of water or any other drink (tea, juice, milk), except soda and alcohol, in your bag so that you could have a sip whenever you like. Since water is the second most important ingredient after food necessary for our bodies to function properly, prolonged thirst may have very negative effects and result in extreme dehydration.
If you want to know more secret dehydration signs and symptoms, please read the other tips.

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