(Senior year) should I drop apush? (AP U.S. history)?

I have not started the class yet, but I feel as if I won’t do well in it and im already stressing over it.
I don’t want to be history major, im going to get a BS in psychology.
(my school only has a total of 4 APs, 3 of those you can take your senior year and only 1 without prereqs, 1
AP you can take your junior year, and no psychology APs or honors)

The plus side to dropping apush, is now I’d have more time and I would probably take up honors precalc.

This is my first year ever taking an honors or AP class, I was in an accelerated science classes freshman and sophomore year.

Current schedule WITHOUT apush would be
Honors English 12
Honors physics
Honors organic chemistry / honors microbiology
Honors precalc
Sociology / creative writing
World war 2 history / Vietnam war history

Would not taking an AP hurt my chances of admission too awfully bad? (Knowing that I never had an AP class in my life, and my ECs aren’t the best)

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