Should I go to my Saturday school? or skip it?

In short, I received a Saturday school for being late to school 8 times. Apparently, you have to be in the classroom at 7:30, not just in the building. So because of this I am always walking in to class 10 seconds after the bell rings. Also, my 1st period teacher hates me. But last semester, my other 1st period teacher, never cared if I was late, and also liked me. I am sent down to the office for it to be logged and then they send me back down and the slip always says 7:32 because after walking down there and signing in. This makes it seem like I am 2 minutes late everyday when its not even close to that. My first period teacher just likes to see me suffer, and serve the Wednesday and Saturday schools countless times. Anyway, Saturday school is from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM this Saturday. There is a pool party on may 27th that I dont want to miss, but If I do not go, they could revoke my privilege to go because they are renting out the pool. It also says on the sheet that skipping will give you another Saturday school, or an out/in school suspension. In addition, I was talking to the secretary in the office, and they said if I dont go it could travel over into summer school. My dad was really reassuring I wouldn’t have to go, but after hearing what might happen if I dont, he is just telling me to get it over with. I am in 8th grade and going to a new building next year (high school), but same district. What should I do? school ends June 3rd.

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