Should I let my son listen to Odd Future?

Alright, so my son is 15. Last night while he was asleep I went through his computer just to be sure he wasn’t getting involved into any bad things. I was checking out his iTunes library and found this group called “Odd Future”. I saw some of the album covers had inverted crosses, which as a Christian father, I do not approve of. So I listened to some tracks from OF member Tyler, The Creator, and I was horrified. The lyrics were really disturbing. I could not keep listening so I shut off the computer. I went through my sons closet and found many Odd Future shirts, with childish cats and anti Christ symbols. He has a “FLOG GNAW” poster on his wall, nothing bad about it though, just a cat. Should I tell my son to stop listening to Odd Future and throw out all this stuff, or should I let him continue? I know he likes it and I don’t want to take anything from him, but what should I do?

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