Should i take gym during the summer in high school?

So basically, I hate gym. I always have, and I always will. It’s not because i don’t like to be active- because i do- just, i don’t like it. I’m never in classes with my friends and I’m not exactly good at sports and I don’t like changing with other people. It’s just a bad experience for me. Im going into 9th grade and signed up for PE 1 and PE 2 (in order to get the full .5 credit needed to graduate) I believe they’d both last me the whole year? PE 1 being semester 1 and PE 2 being semester 2. I THINK! But anyways, I know there’s a summer school gym. It’s 2 hours long vs. the 50 minute class during school, but that’s okay. Does anyone have any experience with summer school gym? Is it like, ALL summer, or just 6 weeks like the rest of summer school classes? Also what do you do? Do you choose to just swim, or do you have to do a bunch of different sports or what?

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