3 Signs You Are a Healthy Woman

3 Signs You Are a Healthy Woman

You look and feel well, though there can be different annoying symptoms that bother you from time to time. They can be a sing that your body hides some subtle health problems which can not be defined with naked eye. There are 3 that woman has to stick to in order to be healthy, namely, good sleep, healthy diet and regular workout. There are also 3 indicators that can help to find out is woman healthy as she would like to be or she needs a check-up. They are clear skin, energy levels and BMI (body mass index). So, let’s take a look what one should take into consideration when taking care of his (her) body.

1. You Have Clear Skin

You Have Clear Skin

Your clean skin can tell a lot about your health though your subtle health problems may be hide deeply under it. One of the most common skin problems that are responsible for the body health are acne and other kinds of pimples. For example, outbreak of adult acne is quite an often thing. More than a half of adults experience acne for the reasons of consumption of unhealthy food, digestive problems, imbalance of ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut, stress, allergies, hormone imbalances, etc. Women that have sensitive skin feel all these problems even more sharply.

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