4 Simple Sleep Tips to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

4 Simple Sleep Tips to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Research reveals the information that there are three basic elements of the healthy life, they are physical activity, good nutrition and sleep. If one is lost, for example, when someone doesn’t sleep well, this construction will crush. Scientists say that during sleep some hormones which play the most important role in muscle building such as testosterone and human growth hormone are produced. One can eat and train regularly and qualitatively but without a good night’s sleep the health will never be as strong as with the appropriate amount of sleep. Some sportsmen even put sleep on the first place in comparing with the importance of nutrition and even training. Many factors such as stress, being tired, problems at work, at school, in family, etc. can contribute to low sleep quality. If you don’t feel rested in the morning and during day, you may need to make your sleep better. Here are 5 easy tips to you can use to make your night’s sleep better than ever.

1. Make a Schedule

Make a Schedule

Sometimes we don’t want to go to bed but this implies a lack of daily and bed time routine which can be scheduled as a useful habit. As a rule, adult person needs at least 6 hours of a good sleep and 8 hours of the better sleep while children need to sleep at least 8 hours every night. So, choose a time you want to wake up in the morning (including weekends), set an alarm clock and try to get up at the same time for a few weeks. Also, you can set a time when you should fall asleep each night counting back in 90-minute intervals. For example, to get up at 6am you will have to go to bed at either 10.30pm or 9pm.

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