Skills needed to be a pediatric nurse?

I’m in my senior year and it’s getting time to start applying to colleges. There’s a career I’ve dreamt of since middle school but I don’t think I’ll be able to have it now for reasons I won’t get into, but a different career I’m now considering is becoming a pediatric nurse.

However, I don’t know if I am good enough to be one. I’m really bad at math, I mean I’ve never had anything lower than a B average in any math classes I’ve taken in high school (geometry, algebra 2, pre-calc, and i’m now taking stats which is supposed to be the easiest math) but they were all standard classes and it was always a constant struggle. I dont know how good I’d be at anatomy, there’s only an AP anatomy class at my school but I didn’t take it because it’s supposed to be ridiculously difficult.

My mom’s been a nurse for a long time, she says she was always bad at math through high school and got C’s and her counselor told her she’d never be able to be a nurse, but she is one now, so maybe there’s hope for me?

Also how do I know if I can handle things like putting needles into kids? I get squeamish with that type of thing but I think really everyone does. But what if I go into nursing school and realize I’m too squeamish for it? Is it easy to get past that?

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