Some the Most Important Facts from the history of Ukraine

Ukraine has became independent in 1991 though its way to achieving this goal was not easy. Its history that originates in ancient times knows as horrible as magnificent events. Here are some the most important facts from the history of Ukraine.

1. Foundation of Kyiv

Foundation of Kyiv

As legend says, three brothers Kyi, Shchek and Khoriv and their sister Lybid who belonged to the Polyan tribe settled on three hills located above the banks of Dnipro river. Brothers were talented craftsmen. Kyi made boats, Shchek pots and Khoriv wonderful silver jewellery. Lybid was a skilled spinner and her beauty was famous among Polyan women.
Together with many other people brothers and their sister lived peacefully on this territory until Avar tribe attempted to invade it. After the fight between Kyi and the Avar chief which was won by Kyi the Polan people chose Kyi their Prince. After this war Polyans built the wall around their settlement and named it Kyiv in honour of their Prince.

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