Someone please help?

So for a really long time now I randomly get nausea. No vomiting just nausea. Sometimes not too bad and other times very painful. It went away for a bit but is now coming back. Also now, at random times, I’m getting pains which I believe are in my heart because they are middle but just slightly left. Sometimes stabbing, sometimes I can’t even tell if it’s stabbing or cramping. It hurts though. Then the middle of my chest has randomly tightened a couple times out of nowhere which has never happened to me before. Now recently I’m getting more pain, burning or tingling sensations, or just odd welling pressure in my left arm, that little part where a pressure point is by my neck on the left, random pains around my chest like my ribs or lungs I can’t tell, a little stabbing pain in my bottom left shoulder blade and my heart just randomly spasmed out of nowhere a couple times. It was quick and it didn’t hurt but still. Now here’s the thing, I’m 15, I’m skinny, I’m not in too bad of shape as I can do more exercise than some I know with ease but less than really athletic people, my diet isn’t the best but it isn’t terrible, and I’ve recently been to a psychiatrist and a month before that, a doctor and at both places they take your vitals and my blood pressure, pulse, basically everything was normal. They even said I was doing great. And a few months ago, I was in a hospital and they did one of those heart scan things ( I forget what they’re called) and it apparently came back normal.

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