Steam-punk Halloween costume.?

So me and my boyfriend are going to dress up in steam-punk cosply/attire what ever you’d like to call it.

I’m going to wear a brown and black striped corset over a plain black tank top that I already own. Me and my mom plan to make a black ruffly skirt, but I might just wear black skinny jeans with a big belt with pockets, since I’ll be moving a lot and pants would be more comfortable. I’ll wear some black heeled boots I already have. For accessories I’ll wear a lace necklace and some belt bracelets on my upper arm all g with goggles. I’ll also be dying my hair a dark blue since my hair right now is teal and purple, I feel like dark-navy blue looks better with this costume

For my boyfriend, he will wear a white button up shirt under a tan vest. For pants he’ll wear khaki pants with a thick black pleather belt. He will wear some dark brown dress shoes he already has with black socks. For accessories he will have a top hat I will paint a gold/bronze/black color and add some gears, keys and chain. He will also have a pocet watch hanging from his vest and some black pleather fingerless gloves.
And his hair is a dark dirty blonde

What do you think of this idea? Anything we should change/add, or any ideas? Thanks~

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